About Us

My name is Marcellas Johnson, a partner at JC Global Consulting Group.Our firm is built upon the values of King Solomon and the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs.

Motivated by personal experiences of dishonesty in online transactions, I founded JC Global Consulting Group to provide trustworthy and dependable funding solutions for business owners.

Rooted in integrity and transparency, our mission is to support hard-working entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals.


My educational journey took me to LA Southwest College and Cal State Dominguez Hills, where I earned multiple degrees in public administration and sociology.

This academic background has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the business world effectively and drive positive change through our services at JC Global Consulting Group.

Personal Background

Having grown up in Los Angeles, California, and later in Carson, California, I faced challenges and adversities that led me into high-level involvement in gangs and as a drug dealer during the 1980s.

However, a transformative realization prompted me to redirect my energy and creativity towards positive endeavors that uplift communities rather than tear them down.

Today, I am committed to leveraging my experiences and skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through JC Global Consulting Group.

My Journey and Inspiration

The importance of some of my instructors and my journey stands out. One notable figure, Professor Ramon Miramontes, was instrumental in my success during my time at LA Southwest College. His encouragement and inspiration pushed me to be the best version of myself daily and pursue my dreams of becoming a hard-working, ethical business person with strong morals and ethics.

Professor Miramontes provided essential connections that assisted in the growth of my nonprofit, QRS Community Outreach Inc., aimed at bringing resources to communities in Southern California. His support and mentorship have been invaluable in shaping my character and guiding my path towards ethical business practices.

In conclusion, my personal journey from past challenges to a commitment to community upliftment and ethical business practices has shaped my vision for JC Global Consulting Group. Thank you for considering us as your trusted funding partner.

Our Values


We’re in this together. As partners in your growth, we take a long-term view of your financial success.


Expect open communication, clear pricing, and absolutely no hidden fees.


Our forward-thinking solutions keep pace with your evolving business needs.


We prioritize your success, tailoring our services specifically to your goals.

Guiding Scripture

Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.

Because they hated knowledge, And did not choose the fear of the LORD,

They would have none of my counsel And despised all my reproof,

Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way, And be filled to the full with their own fancies.

For the turning away of the simple will slay them, And the complacency of fools will destroy them;

But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, And will be secure, without fear of evil.

Proverbs 1:28-33

Why Choose JC Global Consulting Group


Our experienced team helps you navigate the complexities of the lending market.

Personalized Service

We listen to your needs and create custom financial solutions to propel your business.

Hassle-Free Process

We minimize red tape and maximize efficiency to deliver quick funding decisions.


I was turned down by several banks before JC Global stepped in. Their creativity and persistence got me the funding I needed.

Alex Martinez

Martinez Electrical

Their personalized approach made me feel understood and supported throughout the process.

Sarah Grace

Bloom Bakery & Co

JC Global has helped my business scale beyond what I imagined possible. They’re not just lenders, they’re true partners.

David Thompson

Innovative Tech Solutions

Community Involvement

We’re passionate about giving back to our community. That’s why we founded QRS Community Outreach, our dedicated non-profit focused on:

Supporting Foster Youth

Providing life skills development and mentorship programs for current and former foster youth.

Senior Citizen Assistance

Offering rides, grocery delivery, and companionship to enhance the lives of our senior citizens.

Ready to unlock your business potential? Let’s connect!